Monday, August 30, 2010

Gizmo’s Post-Surgical Update

Steps DSC01414(1)
Gizmo returned to the garage for his post-operative check-up on Saturday.  In the interests of closure, I’m happy to report that ‘Uncle’ Bevan is happy with his progress.  He’s out of the woods, he’s climbed the mountain, he’s made the grade, he’s inspired a thousand cliches, or the several you read here.

A tip for bloggers.  Speaking of climbing mountains and steep learning curves, not to mention stairwells – which I didn’t mention, but I like the photo above (taken at the old Queensland Museum one recent weekend), I’m typing this on Windows Live, which I’ve just installed as an offline text editor – suggested by Susan Gunelius in her Dummies series book on blogging – if you’re going to be a blogger, at least check out Susan’s book.

It’s called Blogging All-in-One For Dummies.  I discovered it at my local library – mentioned in an earlier Verandaku, the library, that is, not Susan – and I liked it so much, I ordered my own copy.  With any luck, it will arrive by snail mail in the next day or two.

I can only judge by my own experience as a recently minted blogger, but this book has been very helpful in a short space of time and this isn’t a paid recommendation of any kind.  Think of it as an off-the-cuff review as I test out my Windows Live text editor. 

To that end, I’ll say cheerio and see what happens next in the exciting wild west world of the internet.

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