Verandaku is Veranda Life’s haiku and plain old (very old) mysterious ku (see PS below), especially designed for breathing, relaxed, black-tea drinking entities.

Verandaku follows the Anglicised (and therefore liberty taking) version of Japanese haiku with 17 syllables divided into a 5-7-5 split, just for the sake of boundaries really, and a bit of a challenge.  Plus, it’s fun to play with words and turn your brain into your very own travelling thesaurus.

If you see me tapping my wrist or collarbone, don’t worry, it isn’t nerves, it’s the Verandaku syllable-thesaurus shuffle: 5-7-5 in full digital colour.

P.S.  According to Huna (ancient Hawaiian) wisdom, the ku is the subconscious mind, so perhaps Verandaku is trying to tell us something – what could it be: Breathe, relax, drink black tea often?