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Remembering a Friend


Dot and Jay

My friend, Dorothy Porter, died on December 10, 2008, far too soon, and with much poetry left to write.  Here’s a small Veranda Life Verandaku tribute to say hello Dot and thanks for all the fish.  We suspect that you’re enjoying your new life in the other dimension(s) rather spectacularly.  So go you good thing and thank the Goddess you’re not here for the Ashes this time around. 


A flying balloon

red against a blue sky dawn

reminds me of you.

999 Verandakus: #137 from Veranda Life and Summer



Old women walk fast

Arms and legs pumping fresh blood

Hearts in extra time

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999 Verandakus: #132 from Veranda Life and Summer



Mower Man Suite: 6

Mower man is done

His throne idles quietly

Grass lies low, for now

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

999 Verandakus: #130 from Veranda Life and Summer



Mower Man Suite: 4

On my walk back home

Mower man stalking the park

Grounded skywriter

Thursday, December 2, 2010

999 Verandakus: #129 from Veranda Life and Summer



Mower Man Suite: 3

Mower man is bored

The blocks become his puzzle

He plans a surprise

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

999 Verandakus: #128 from Veranda Life and Summer



Mower Man Suite: 2

Mowing public space

He ambushes random blocks

Was smoko, toke-o?

999 Verandakus: #127 from Veranda Life and Summer


Hello and welcome to Summer in the Southern Hemisphere.  Veranda Life is celebrating summer with a month of images from the beach and its environs to accompany our usual array of Verandakus.  We hope you enjoy both the visual and the textual – they’re Veranda Life’s holiday season gift to you.  And there’s a bonus ku today on December 1, just for the love of the moment.


Mower Man Suite – 1

The mower man stops,

waves me on, and strikes a match

Settling for smoko