About Veranda Life

Hello.  I’m Jay and I’m a Veranda Lover.  There are many millions of us out there and we love verandas for as many reasons, and more.  Veranda Lovers are nothing if not excessive.

How did I come to be this way?  I’m not sure, but it may have begun in childhood, like so many things, such as birth.  I grew up on a veranda.  Until I was 8 years old, I lived at one end of our front veranda (closed in against the weather, of course) and my brother lived at the other end.  My brother’s bedroom ‘wall’, separating it from the veranda (and me) was made from pegboard (it always reminded me of the Gumby cartoons), and mine was half fibro and half louvres (which allowed a great view of the TV in the lounge-room – I saw more episodes of Peyton Place than my mother ever dreamed of).

I loved my childhood veranda life – I could gaze out the front door while lying in bed and observe the passing parade of town loonies, sorry, luminaries, on their way to the asylum – I hope it had verandas.

Since then, life has been a happy round of verandas here, there, and everywhere, except when it wasn’t.  These days, I’m happy to say, I can write on my veranda should I wish - I wrote an entire novel there last year (or was it the year before – time is elastic on the veranda, don’t you agree).

My cats love the veranda, too.  One of them has gone to ectoplasm central, but she loved the sun and the shade of our veranda, and my extant cat carries on the tradition.  There are both of them below on a lovely, sunny Veranda Lively day.  Bye for now, and remember, Breathe, Relax, Drink Black Tea Often.

Veranda Life cats breathe and relax, but pass on the tea.