Wednesday, August 11, 2010

999 Verandakus: The Project Begins Now

Ancient runic symbol for NOW, created by Lorrie Lawler
Today, Veranda Life begins a new project: 999 Verandakus: A Memoir of Now

The aim is to post one Verandaku each day for the next 999 days.  Each Verandaku is a memoir of Now, moments in my life that I’ve been lucky enough to observe and record.

I hope to have photographs as well, and will be out snapping and snipping to add those blinks of an eye to the record of Now.

You can do this too, and you don’t have to observe the 5-7-5 three line Verandaku version of traditional Haiku that I’ve adopted.  Check out Haiku through Google and see what form appeals to you.  There are some complex versions and explanations, but I prefer to keep it simple, in keeping with Veranda Life’s life on the veranda. 

Maybe you’d prefer to use sutras instead: short observations, usually a sentence, that are reflections about ideas or philosophies or anything really, that’s happening in your life.

I hope you’ll begin your own project to create your Memoir of Now.  More about the milestones to watch for in future posts.  In the meantime, look out for the first of the 999.  And from time to time, I’ll add a few comments about what particular Verandakus mean for me.

This is a way to create a memoir of your days as they happen.  And for me, it’s a way to overcome procrastination and honour the best of the good (Veranda) life, for which I am truly grateful.

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