Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to Fabulous Flovember – A Celebration of Floral Images, and then Some!



So perhaps you’re wondering why, if it’s Fabulous Flovember, what in heaven’s name is a demonic angel doing on the Welcome post?

Well, today, November 1, is All Saints Day; yesterday, October 31, was All Saints Eve, or All Hallows Eve (all hallows is the old English name for all saints), or as we know it today, Halloween (a contraction of hallows evening); and tomorrow, November 2, is All Souls Day.

So, how better to welcome Flovember – a month of floral tributes in images to accompany Veranda Life’s daily Verandakus – than with the light and dark sides of every life and afterlife in all their magnificent splendour.

All Saints was apparently designed to not only be a big knees-up for all the recognised saints on the Christian calendar, but as a catch-all day for any they might have missed along the centuries – poor, honest, saintly toilers who never made it to the big league table of actually sanctified kahunas.

Similarly, All Souls day is for all the so-named Faithful Departed, a round-up of everyone who’s died but may not have cleansed their souls of all their sins.  This feast day, again, applies to Christian faiths, but I favour a one size fits all approach, so let’s include everybody, or rather every-not-a-body-anymore.  On All Souls day, the living were charged with praying and offering up masses for the dead to help any stragglers get out of places like Purgatory (which may no longer exist – I’ll have to check with the Vatican).

In the spirit of inclusion, therefore, I’ve decided to invest November with saintliness, soulfulness, and sinfulness by providing a variety of floral images for each day’s Verandaku.  You may have noticed that usually the image fits the Ku, but this month the images are simply there to be themselves: gorgeous and relaxing, all natural, all singing, all dancing. 


And as for my little pal in the image, that was a pure accident of positioning when I took the photo.  Afterwards, I saw, to my surprise, that I had combined two statues into one and created a demonic angel, both sides of the soul coin, Saintly and Sinful.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Verandakus and Flovember images as much as I’m enjoying creating them.

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