Wednesday, September 29, 2010

At the "Blogging Plus" Course

Today I attended a blogging course at the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane.  I've been learning new things for the last few months by accident as I discover web sites that generously explain how to for all sorts of issues. 

One of the things we learned at the course was how to insert a Jump Break.

Which is what this break demonstrates.  You can do this in your blog post by placing your cursor at the point where you want the break and then selecting the Jump Break icon on the post editor's toolbar.  This icon looks like a piece of paper torn into two pieces.  It's next to the clapper board icon (which is used for inserting a video).

Note: You might find that when you've published your post and you decide to view it via 'View Post' the Jump Break doesn't appear.  I think this is because Blogger is logically showing you the entire post rather than just the section before the Jump Break. 

So don't worry about this.  Return to your blog editing and select 'View Blog' from the menu tabs at the top of the page.  This shows that the Jump Break is operating correctly and 'Read More' appears in blue where you've placed your Jump Break command. 
Don't forget to check out Blogger Buzz for useful information and support for Blogger bloggers.

I hope you keep enjoying 999 Verandakus.  I'll share more about my adventures in the techno side of blogging whenever I can.

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